Grant Ferguson


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It’s electric...the way Grant Ferguson goes off on some new musical foray at the mere touch of a string. He doesn’t disappoint the demanding fan with his chops, and never pushes away a newcomer with his harder edge, but rather pulls all listeners together on a common musical journey unlike any other in contemporary rock.

For five albums now, Ferguson has toted his razor-sharp axe along an interesting odyssey. If songs are stories, his works are nuanced novels with a soundtrack...and no words. Sometimes biting into the everyday malaise and riling things up with a unique riff. Other times drifting off steadfastly toward less earthly realms. Always capturing each listener with his ceaseless spirit and instrumental prowess.

2020 Hindsight is Ferguson’s fifth album and a timely look back at the aural travels that brought him to this moment. The 14-tune compilation is sort of a progress report per year 2020, yet one which we must view as only a temporary checkpoint “thus far.” As a full-time musician and recording artist, Ferguson started late, but he isn’t finishing early.

Many more revelations are still in this man’s musical pipeline. Get caught up with 2020 Hindsight, then stay tuned... 


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Hindsight 2020