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'Artspoke' From Stu Hamm is available now!

A message from Stu:

"Here is a collection of 11 of my favorite recordings done at Artspoke Studios with my Co-Producer, Engineer and friend James Boblak. I can never thank him enough for his hard work ad guidance. Without him, none of this music would have been possible. This CD could not have been possible without Brendan Fitzpatrick at Guitar One Records either, so thank you both Gentlemen! Thanks to all of the wonderful musicians who added their talents and their time. To find out the musicians on each the original CDs!

Thanks also to the people who manufacture and provide me with the tools that make it possible for me to create this music: MarkBass-Marco DeVirgillis, Riccardo Damiani, Sisinio Olivastri and Stefano Xotto (thanks for saving me Sebo). Warwick-Hans-Peter Wilfer, Morco Spangler. GHS strings-Russ and Connie MacFee, Jon Moody. EMG Pickups-Rob Turner, Tommy Armstrong. Wireworld Cables-Larry Smith, David Salz. Apogee Electronics-Marier Passaro. ZOOM-Scott Goodman-David Via-Erich Barto. RiverStraps-Willian Brito.

Thanks most of alll to YOU, my fans, for continuing to listen to, and support what I am trying to accomplish musically."

Get 'Artspoke' at or on his artist page at

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