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B. Christopher Band Review from Roots Time.

B. Christopher is a busy man as a TV composer and studio musician. His music has been featured in TV shows thousands of times and he himself toured North America for 20 years. During a break in 2002, he was contacted by the music director of ABC's "All My Children", who was looking for blues music. This was the inevitable next step in his career. The TV blues sessions were the reason for, among other things, 'Two Rivers Back' (2019), the solo album that Christopher recorded with an all star band.

With an innate sense of melody, his musical offerings are sure to please the most discerning. Thanks to these qualities, he has worked with the “greatest” in the industry such as Nathan East, Anton Fig, Gerald Albright, Shawn Pelton, Michael Powers, Andy Snitzer, Stu Hamm, Kenny Aronoff, Bruce Katz and Jerry Portnoy. This made him an outstandingly reputed studio musician, where his work has always been in high demand.

Recently 'Snapshots from the Second Floor' was published. It is an excellent album in every way with musical references and similarities from legendary guitarists like Mick Bloomfield or Roy Buchanan. The high level of quality was guaranteed during the recordings by the support of a group of flawless musicians such as EJ "Moose" Boles on vocals (a singer with an impressive voice full of nuances), Studebaker John on harmonica, bassists Nick Douglas and Eric Collier and drummer Anton Fig. .

Of the thirteen album tracks, seven are instrumental, something that allows us to appreciate and taste B. Christopher's excellent guitar work. The rest are diverse blues songs, from some that rock or swing like Elmore James “Talk to Me Baby”, “Who You Gonna Turn to Now” and “Ain't That Cold” to quiet songs like “Where You At” and ( with wonderful harmonica by Studebaker John) ”Late Night Crying”. In short, great recordings to listen to and enjoy again and again.

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