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Guitar One Records officially launches!

We are so excited to bring you Guitar One Records. This has been a project in the making for quite some time now, and it's exciting to see the pieces come together. We are a guitar players record label; created for guitar players, by guitar players. We plan on released amazing guitar and bass records in the future. However we're coming out with a bang by releasing the newest record from acclaimed bass player Stu Hamm, and the newest contemporary blues release by The B. Christopher Band.

B. Christopher's record features amazing musicians such as Stu Hamm and Nathan East on bass, Shawn Pelton and Anton Fig on drums, as well as appearances by Jerry Portnoy, Andy Snitzer, Bruce Katz and Michael Powers. With musicians like that, this record is sure to take the blues world by storm.

Stay tuned for updates on our artists, albums, and other guitar influenced news we want to share with you! Are you ready to GO with Guitar One?

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