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Review of Grant Ferguson's Album "Windswept Isle"

A great review of Grant's album just came in from Music Morsels. Check it out!

Grant Ferguson – Windswept Isles Scottish born American expat Grant Ferguson takes the listener on a wonderful musical journey of both his homelands with his sixth album. This is evident right out of the gate as as the title track seems to emerge from the Highlands mists with traditional styles melded with a pop rock new age feel. “Force Of Nature” keeps some of the roots intact while hitting the gas more on the rock side, also masterfully tilting in the prog direction. “Sunday Promenade” feels more like a journey to the back alleys of Memphis, with a waft of Glasgow sprinkled in for extra zest. Exploring other avenues including folk, pop, metal and classical, the musical depth on this album is captivating. Of course, much of this is due to Grant’s guitar inventiveness weaved into his thoughtful song structuring and background musical landscapes featuring instrumentation with solid chops of their own. Anyone who is into instrumental giants like Vai and Satriani will surely dig what is happening here, as this music shows the same level of talent with perhaps a bit more musical intrigue as Grant further explores his musical soul. – MW

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